Dye Kitchen is a traveling dye studio that offers private dye workshops, team-building events, birthday parties, and dye commission projects in Santa Cruz, CA and the Bay Area. Artist Nora Grant created Dye Kitchen to share the fascinating craft of making natural color from scratch.


The more I learn about dyeing, the more similarities I find with cooking. Same tools. Same steps of foraging and heating plants. Same principles of patience and experimentation. And the same sense of community gathered around the table.

I started Dye Kitchen to share the joy of making color with others.

In addition to learning where colors come from, Dye Kitchen is a place for connecting with hands-on-making. In today’s digital age, it’s easy to neglect the rhythms of our natural environment. It’s common to forgo the practice of making things with our hands. With Dye Kitchen workshops, I cultivate a space where people of all skill levels can play with materials, connect with each other, and honor our earth.



Owner, Dye Kitchen